Shock & Awe: State Now Says It Won’t Be Able To Meet 400 “Position Reductions” Through Attrition and Retirement

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State Tells Committee It Won’t Be Able To Meet 400 Position Reduction Goal
Vermont State Employees Association Worries About Ramifications
            A Department of Human Resources official informed the House Appropriations Committee yesterday that the State will not be able to achieve its goal to reduce the size of state government by 400 positions through attrition and retirement.
            DHR Director Molly Paulger told the committee that the State’s “position reduction exercise” will probably fall 50 positions short of its goal. The announcement has the Vermont State Employees Association (VSEA) wondering where the money will now come from to replace the savings from the 50 positions already built into the FY2009 budget.
            “VSEA is very concerned that the State’s failure to fulfill its stated goal will now translate into more actual state employee jobs, or services, having to be cut to make up the unrealized savings,” said VSEA Director Jes Kraus. “We will be urging legislators to reject any effort by the State to address this new budget hole by making even more cuts to services and jobs.”
            Kraus added that VSEA had warned from the outset of the State’s “exercise” that the union didn’t believe state government could be reduced by 400 positions simply through attrition and retirement.