Scenario Two

The VSEA Board of Trustees is asking members and retirees to respond to one or more of the following scenarios:

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Scenario Two: Government shuts down on July 1, and you are told you are essential and must report for work, but you won’t be paid. The State is not paying health care premiums.

"No one wants to work and not be paid. That shouldn’t be legal. What if people refuse unless they are guaranteed to be paid?"


"Isn’t it illegal to force people to work and not pay them?"


"I’d show up until I couldnt afford to put gas in my car. Its almost an hour drive to work and i dont have much savings so… yeah."


"I will refuse"


"Unfair and not going"


"I won’t go to work"


"HOW do I afford gas if im NOT paid. How can I afford to drive in my car if I cant make the car payment cuz im NOT getting paid. State is not going to pay for health care…….are all state workers suppose to apply for VHAP and unemployment then?"


"This is ridiculous! Should not be allowed!"


"I cannot imagine."


"I’m not going to work for free so I will stay home."


"I will not work for no pay. When I was hired, I was told I would be paid for performing my job. I expect the State to hold up their end of the agreement."


"I’m not sure that I’m considered essential, but if I was told to report to work without pay or insurance, I would only because I’m serving vulnerable populations and it’s not their fault. However, I most likely would be finding side jobs because I have worked hard for what I have and bills need to be paid. My daughter’s need a roof over their heads. I personally cannot afford to be working for free."


"This will likely be the case for me, and I won’t be able to pay for my mortgage or my car, and depending on how long the shutdown takes, I literally may not be able to afford to feed myself and my family. I find this scenario extremely unsettling–after a period of time I won’t be able to afford the gas it will take to get to and from work!"


"Again, I would cry. I choose to work for the State of Vermont because it is considered to be stable employment. If I am not being paid, how would I afford to get to work? How could I feed my family? Keep a roof over their heads? Keep the electricity on?"



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