On Tuesday, February 7, 2023, Vermont State University Administrators announced plans to close their campus libraries, move to an “all-digital academic library” system, downgrade sports programs, and layoff staff in these departments. The announcement drew swift rebukes from VSEA, staff, and students. Below is a list of VSEA posts regarding this subject. This page will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.  

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Recent Posts:

April 24, 2023:

VSEA Welcomes News That State Colleges’ Librarian Positions Will Not Be Cut

April 21, 2023:

Sadly, Despite Pause To VSC Digitization Plan, VSEA Librarian Positions Still Being Cut

April 14, 2023:

Plan To Digitize VSC Libraries PAUSED After Current President Steps Down!

April 10, 2023:

Ask Vermont Lawmakers To Rescind Cuts

March 30, 2023:

ACTION ALERT! Call TODAY to Save VTSU Libraries!

March 28, 2023:

VSC Board Gets An Earful From Public About Administrator’s Library Decision

March 23, 2023:

VLRB Issues Unfair Labor Practice Complaint On VSEA Members’ ULP Against State Colleges

Former Castleton University President Warns Of Private Firm’s Possible Influence On VSC Libraries Decision

March 17, 2023:

Senator Introduces Legislation To Save VSC Libraries

March 14, 2023:

VSC “Revised” Library Plan Is Being Widely Panned

VTDigger Commentary: No One Has Explained How Removing Books Will Save Money

March 13, 2023:

Common Dreams: ‘Save the Books’: Outcry Grows Over Digital Plan for Vermont College Libraries

Boston Globe: Vermont Shocked by Decision to Remove Books from State College Libraries: ‘It’s an Embarrassing Decision’

March 10, 2023:

Post & Share! Support VSEA Librarians!

February 27, 2023:

VSEA Files ULP Against VSC Administration

February 24, 2023:

VSC Students & Staff Rally Against Administration’s Cost-Cutting Decision

VTSU Students Produce Short Video To Support Campaign To “Save VTSU Libraries and Athletics!”

February 17, 2023:

VSEA & AFT VSC Members Conduct “No Confidence” Vote In Leadership

Castleton Students Conduct Action To Support Not Closing Libraries

February 13, 2023:

Editorial Slams VSC Decision To Close Campus Libraries

February 10, 2023:

VSEA Strongly Opposes State Colleges Decision To Shutter Campus Libraries

February 8, 2023:

VTDigger: Vermont State University community surprised, dismayed by library and athletics changes