Public Health Nurses Pen Letter Wondering Why The Thanks They Get Is Cuts

Nurses were asked to volunteer to administer shots????

Flu Shots and Layoffs

Editor of the [Brattleboro] Reformer:

We read with interest your article today about local preparations for the H1N1 epidemic we all expect.

And how do you prepare for an epidemic? Offer lower-than-average wages for public health nurses, threaten them with layoffs, short staff their offices, then ask area nurses to volunteer to give flu shots.

We were aghast to receive letters asking us to volunteer to give flu shots, for the good of the populace, the day after the announcement of more layoffs. This is not forward-thinking public health policy. We urge you to join us in telling the governor your concerns.

Blythe H. Kersula RN

Dawn M. Kersula RN

Bellows Falls, Sept. 25