Protect Vermont Whistleblowers! Pass H. 863!

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Call Your Senators Today & Ask Their Support For H.863, The Whistleblower Protection Bill!

A VSEA-sponsored survey conducted in 2013 found that an overwhelming number of Vermont state employees are reluctant to report or speak out against waste, fraud and corruption in state government because they fear management retaliation. While statute exists to protect state employees and some health care workers (but no other Vermont workers) from retaliation for whistleblowing, it’s been less than effective in certain State workplaces (View one state employee’s current struggle with alleged retaliation for speaking out here) and more protections are needed.

This year, Vermont State Auditor Doug Hoffer drafted legislation to protect the identity of state and municipal employees (and those who work for state contractors) who blow the whistle on workplace waste, fraud and corruption. Hoffer’s bill was passed by the House on March 27, and is now in the Senate. VSEA is encouraging all working Vermonters to call your Senators today and voice your support for H. 863, the Whistleblower Protection Bill.

Thanks for your support!

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Want to read the bill? Read H. 863 Here

See the latest attempt to retaliate against Vermont Whistleblowers here.


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