Protect Vermont Teachers’ Health Care! VSEA Members Could Be Next

May 3, 2017

May 3, 2017

A reminder that a very unfortunate debate continues inside the Vermont State House, and the outcome of this debate will impact every VSEA member down the road, especially if the Governor and some lawmakers are successful in their effort to place all Vermont teachers into one statewide health plan.

If this injustice actually ends up passing (and initial reports on its viability are muddy), it will erase decades of bargaining health care gains by the individual teacher units statewide. These are benefit improvements the teachers negotiated in exchange for lower wage increases or other surrendered benefit improvements. This is essentially what collective bargaining is in a nutshell.

This attempt by the Governor and some lawmakers to flush decades of bargaining history down the toilet with one flush is wrong and VSEA members need to be watching this debate closely and remain engaged because if the teachers lose all they have won by an act of the legislature, it will be only a matter of time before the spotlight is turned on state employees and the health care benefit levels that current and past VSEA bargaining teams have procured for all members.

Please remind your representatives to vote "NO" on any attempt to ignore and obliterate decades of results acquired through the collective bargaining process.

Find your Representatives’ contact information here.

Thank you in advance for your solidarity!

Don’t know who your Representative(s) are? Quickly search for them online here.

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