Our History

VSEA was formed in 1944 to promote and protect the interests of Vermont State employees. In those early years, VSEA’s work focused on gaining legislation favorable to State workers.

In 1969, with passage of the State Employees’ Labor Relations Act, VSEA became the exclusive representative of employees of the State of Vermont.

In 1977, VSEA earned the right to collectively bargain for wages and benefits. Since then, we have negotiated major contract improvements in wages, benefits, working conditions and legislation. All of these improvements were hard won and would not have been achieved without tremendous efforts on the part of the VSEA.

The membership of VSEA is diverse — comprised of the office workers, the technicians, the environmental experts, the highway workers, the engineers, the law enforcement officers, the agricultural specialists and the human service professionals who keep Vermont State government running.

Our State of Vermont bargaining units include Non-Management, Supervisory and Corrections.

Other VSEA units include:

Employees of the Vermont State Colleges who make up staff in housekeeping, security, maintenance, libraries, and office support who joined VSEA in the Fall of 1992 as VSC Staff Federation.

Followed by the support and maintenance staff of the Vermont State Housing Authority in 1994 as VSHA Staff Federation.

And most recently, the clerical/support staff under the Defender General for the State of Vermont in the Fall of 1999.

VSEA members are the people who make quality public services a reality. Altogether we are public employees in over 1,200 job titles and hundreds of work locations throughout the State of Vermont. Collectively, we are the strength and the voice of VSEA.

VSEA — serving Vermont employees since 1944.