Notes From Today’s Joint Appropriations Committee Meeting On The Job Cuts

Short re-cap of today’s Joint Appropriations Committee Hearing on the job cuts.

A joint House/Senate Appropriations Commitee Meeting about the job/service cuts was held today in Room 11 at the State House. VSEA was hopeful the hearing would shed new light on what is being cut, who is being cut and why the service/position is being cut. Unfortunately, more questions than answers remain.

On The Up Side:

Many legislators were interested in the "Fun Facts" researched by a member;

Some legislators are now asking for the rationale the State is using to determine what service/position gets cut;

The legislators, like VSEA, would like the State to produce the list of 200+ cuts made recently through attrition and retirement;

Some legislators appear to share VSEA’s concern that there does not seem to be any kind of plan behind this exercise; and

Finance Commissioner Jim Reardon thinks the 600+ number could be a lttle less (although he qualified that with "it could be more").

On The Down Side:

There is still no plan;

There is still no list of the 200+ positions reduced through attrition and retirement;

The number remains at 621 positions to be cut, but no one knows who or where;

The message of how state employees are already being swamped by the first 400 cuts needs to be delivered more strongly now than ever; and

In the end, it’s up to VSEA and the State to come to some kind of agreement.

Feel better? Didn’t think so.