Non-Management Unit Bargaining Team Seeks Clerk!

Document the negotiating process for the NMU Bargaining Team and learn firsthand how the process to determine employee wages and benefits works!


The position of Clerk is an essential part of the NMU bargaining team. The position requires a person who is attentive, well focused and well organized. The job duties are very straightforward – to take notes during bargaining team meetings and have the notes typed up and copies made for the next meeting.  It is a very busy position, but only during the bargaining process.

If you are interested in helping the NMU bargaining team members negotiate our next contract, please send a letter of intent to: Terry Lefebvre, Chair, Non-Management Unit, VSEA, P.O. Box 518, Montpelier, VT 05601. 

Please include information about any past experience that would verify your qualifications.