Maybe The State Is At Fault?

February 26,2015

The State’s fault?

How come those in charge of our tax dollars in state government are all of a sudden up in an uproar over the Gruber health care contract? Is this the first contract that has cost the state (your tax dollars) so much for so little?

Maybe it’s not the contractor, but the contractee that should be looked into more closely, since this seems to be a recurring issue. Someone at the state level has approved both the work and payment since the beginning of this contract with Gruber. Are they still employed?

It wasn’t until Gruber made inappropriate comments that his charges were looked into. Why wasn’t this caught right from the start of this contract? How many other contracts in state government are being processed in this same manner? Continuous independent audits should be mandated on all state contracts to make sure the state is spending our tax dollars appropriately.

Jacinthe Pellerin