Matt Dunne On VSH’s Failed Bid For Recertification

From a Matt Dunne post on Green Mountain Daily (

"I have dealt with and been saddened by the administration’s approach since my time in the State Senate. Once we heard about the magnitude of the problems from state employees who worried about losing their jobs if they told the truth about what was going on at the VSH, we expedited no-bid funding with a directive to just ‘get it done,’ and the administration didn’t spend the money. Further, they dropped strong partnership plans, seemingly because the politics were too difficult regarding which hospitals VSH was going to partner with. That is unacceptable. Our neighbors in New Hampshire have dealt with this issue right, and their facility and system is a model for the nation, but Vermont is not coming even close. Not fighting to make our state hospital a place we can be proud of is not only poor public policy, it does not demonstrate Vermont values or fulfill the obligation of government to work well for communities that don’t have the strongest lobbyists or deliver votes. We can do much better."