Diversity Committee

Committee Chair: Vacant Seat – Please contact vsea@vsea.org for more information.

VSEA Staff Liaison: Kelly Everhart, keverhart@vsea.org

Committee Documents:

Members Serving On Committee:

  • Beth Aiken
  • D Bouchard
  • Jenny Beth Cook
  • Wendy Critchlow
  • Veronica Golden
  • Marcie Hawkins
  • Naomi Henderson
  • Jackie Hickerson
  • Rachel Kennedy
  • Helen Linda
  • Michael Madill
  • Marcus Marena
  • Caroline Massa
  • Erin McKenney
  • Maureen Mucha
  • Brianna Nalley
  • J. Deborah Ormsbee
  • Siobhan Perricone
  • Cheryl Reed
  • Janice Santiago
  • Bobbi Shutts

The committee will meet in accordance with the schedule established by the President.

Committee Goals:

  1. Assist VSEA members with understanding the benefits of, and promoting the goal of, a diverse workforce.
  2. Ensure VSEA is advocating and promoting management policies/procedures that promote diversity.
  3. Ensure that VSEA is offering sexual harassment and diversity training to its activists and members.
  4. Inform VSEA Board of, and encourage the union to sponsor and participate in diversity programs and events, including the statewide committee.

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