DCF Commissioner Apologizes For Press Directive To Woodside Workers


December 3, 2019


VSEA Executive Director Steve Howard was contacted this morning by DCF Commissioner Ken Schatz, who apologized for someone down the chain of command sending a reminder to Woodside workers (who are literally fighting for their service’s life) that press comments had to be vetted through DCF management.


Schatz told Howard he would be sending a clarifying memo to Woodside workers about their right to speak.

Thanks for stepping up Commissioner Schatz. Now, can we please save Vermont’s sole facility for this population? Community-based was supposed to alleviate the pressure on Vermont’s mental health system, but we see how that’s going–or not.

Original Post: "Gagged! DCF Attempts To Intimidate Woodside Workers, Issuing Reminder Of Department’s Policy On Talking With Press"


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