Cost Sharing… Another Name For Pay Cuts!

Come to one of the upcoming VSEA lunchtime info sessions to find out more about joining your colleagues in forming a union with VSEA:

  • Wednesday, February 19th – Noon-1:15PM at 234 Jeffords Hall

  • Call 802-338-6052 or email – we can provide more info and find a time to meet.

Now is the time to take action in order to protect our tuition remission and retirement savings plan and maintain our healthcare premiums.

At the February 10th Town Hall Forums, VP of Human Resources, Barbara Johnson, stated on behalf of the administration that bargain directly with unions over any changes to the benefits.

For those non-union staff at UVM, this means changes to your benefits happen to you rather than with you.

These recent rounds of budget decisions highlight the economic disparity that exists between the University’s top-ranking administration and the staff who are essential to making UVM run.

Click here to learn more about UVM’s proposal.

How a union can empower UVM staff:

  • The most important benefit to unionizing is we have a legal right to participate in the decisions that impact our work.
  • With a union, we, the clerical, technical, and specialized staff would have a real say in decisions about our professions, our salary and our benefits. We will be granted the legal right to bargain as equals with UVM administrators, which, by comparison, is exactly what UVM faculty are doing now in cooperation with their union.
  • Without a union, UVM staff are at the mercy of the administration, which currently holds the power to make significant choices at their own discretion. By forming a union, staff will win a legally binding right to participate in every major decision impacting our working conditions, wages and benefits.

Taking Action – Making Change

More about VSEA: Your Choice for an Independent Voice

What Is the Vermont State Employees’ Association?

The Vermont State Employees’ Association is a union of over 5,100 Vermont workers that have joined to have a stronger voice in the decisions that affect our jobs.

 In addition to the clerical and technical staff at the Vermont State Colleges, our union consists of state employees. 

At the core of the union’s program is the work that members and staff do together to bargain contracts with management and ensure that these agreements are upheld in each of our workplaces. 

VSEA has a team of professional staff to support members in enforcing the contracts, training workplace stewards, carrying out direct action on key issues, lobbying, communications and legal support.