Department of Human Resources

January 29, 2015


1.     BACKGROUND:  The Reduction in Force articles of the collective bargaining agreements provide an opportunity for horizontal displacement into associated classes (within the same series of associated classes) where those classes exist, and where the employee meets the minimum qualifications of the other associated class(es).  To be considered for horizontal displacement rights, the contract requires the incumbent to seek designation from the Department of Human Resources (DHR) prior to being notified of any impending layoff. 


2.     PROCESS:  The employee must make his or her request for RIF Associated Class eligibility determination in writing (by letter, pink mail or email) to DHR Recruitment Services.  The request must contain the following information: 

a.    The employee’s name and employee ID number;

b.    The employee’s job title (including the Associated Class);

c.     The employee’s  position number, pay grade, and employing department;

d.    The employee’s email or mailing address;

e.    A list of those associated classes, within the employee’s same series of associated classes, for which the employee is requesting eligibility determination.


3.     For eligibility to be determined, the employee must attach a resume or ensure that an updated, on-line, State of Vermont employment application is on file with the Department of Human Resources.


4.     The DHR Recruitment Services Supervisor will review the employee’s resume or application and determine which, if any, of the other Associated Classes, within the employee’s job series, the employee is qualified for, based on the pertinent minimum qualifications.


5.     The DHR Recruitment Services Supervisor will notify the employee of the determination, and will provide the information to the DHR Labor Relations Division for use in determining eligibility for horizontal displacement in the event of a Reduction in Force.


Recruitment Services Office

Department of Human Resources

439 Industrial Lane

Berlin, VT 05641


Phone: 802-828-6700, option 1, then option 4