AOE LMC Meeting Minutes – March 18, 2015

Attendees: Jay, Sabine, Patti, Tammy

 Discussion Notes:

 1. Meeting Norms

·      Communication: This group will use school-ogy for communication and meeting set up

·      Agendas: Will form agendas in advance based upon previous meeting recommendations

·      Unfinished business: Will carryover to the next meeting, unfinished agenda items 

·      Roles: Will rotate roles, which will include the following:  facilitator; school-ogy moderator; minutes recorder

·      Our Voices: We will take turns when it comes to speaking with Mgmt.

2. Determining Committee’s Focus

·      Data – Will review and apply Employee Engagement data, 2015 

·      Will review and apply anecdotal data gathered by Josh M. (Patti has requested)

·      Will use Article 7 as our guidance document

·      Will ensure that we are collaborative in our meetings with management

   3.  Next meeting: 3/19/15 @ 12

   4.  Deliverables:

·      Patti will gather data