3SquaresVT Back In Federal Compliance, Earning State $300,000!

July 10, 2015

Back in late March, VSEA was congratulating state employees working for DCF’s 3SquaresVT food program for dramatically dropping the program’s processing error rate down from 9.81% in 2013 to just 2.58% in 2014. The reversal prompted the Feds to name Vermont the nation’s most improved state in 2014.

The good news keeps coming for these DCF workers, as WCAX reports on July 9 that Vermont has now been found to be “in line with federal standards,” which earned the state of Vermont a $300,000 bonus. As further evidence of how big a turnaround this is, the reporter notes that in the past three years, DCF has incurred fines totaling almost $700,000 for being far out of compliance.

“This continues to be one of the success stories VSEA points to when talking with people about what a difference adequate resources and listening to frontline workers can make,” VSEA President Shelley Martin tells WIA. “Congratulations again to all the dedicated ESD members who helped to turn this ship around.”


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