2021-2022 Bolton Valley Partner Pass Added To The VSEA Advantage Program!

Wow, what a year! Thank you to all that supported our locally owned and independent ski resort this past winter. Certainly, one we won’t soon forget! We are so grateful for our incredible guests and community and whatever comes our way in the coming months, we are confident it’s going to be another amazing winter.

We are excited to welcome you back to our Partner Pass Program again for the upcoming season!

Thank you again for your support and what do you say we make the 2021-22 winter season the best winter ever!

2021 – 2022 Bolton Valley Partner Pass Rates

*Local Passes Have 8 Restricted Dates: Dec 26 & 31, 2021 | Jan 1 & 15-17, 2022 | Feb 19-20, 2022

To Purchase Local Pass With Discount:

1. Visit boltonvalley.com/partner

2. Click buy now on the pass product that interests you

3. Add the appropriate quantities to your cart

4. After adding passes to your cart, if you’re looking to buy more passes, the easiest way to

navigate back to the pass products you want will be from the URL in step 1 (or

boltonvalley.com/pass if purchasing a pass that doesn’t include a discount promo)

5. Once all passes are selected, on the Shopping Cart page, before checking out, please:

a. Create an account or log into your previously created account

b. Provide the requested information and headshots for each person in your family

c. After linking each pass to a person, you can elect to reload your pass to the WTP# on

your existing RFID BV MTN Card (free) or get a new card ($5 for each new card)

6. Then, at bottom of the cart, input the VSEA Promo code* in the “Enter Promo Code Here” section.

Get the VSEA Promo Code Here!*

*Log-in Required. Need a VSEA.org account? VSEA members can create a free account here!

To purchase season passes without restricted dates (our “All Terrain” passes) OR NBU (Nordic/Backcountry/Uphill), Night, Midweek or our popular Night + NBU pass for those pre and post work laps, please visit boltonvalley.com/pass for current pricing. We do not discount any of these passes and you do not need a promo code to purchase them.

Should you have any issues or questions regarding your pass purchase, please feel free to contact us at (802) 434-3444 or guestservices@boltonvalley.com.

Thank you so much for your support!

Exciting news! Did you know we’ve done an addition to the Timberline Base Lodge which is nearing completion and we will be renting out the lift + lodge on select Mondays to Thursdays this winter starting late January / early February. Interested? sales@boltonvalley.com for more info… See you on the mountain soon!