2016 VSEA General Election Endorsements and Results

The VSEA Legislative Department wants to thank members from across the state for your committed ​and tireless work on behalf of candidates who were member-chosen and VSEA endorsed. It was this member support–from the Northeast Kingdom to Bennington County–which led to VSEA member-endorsed candidates winning in 82% of races where they were running!  ​

You can view a complete summary of election results for our member-chosen, member-supported candidates below:

Federal Races

U.S. Senate

Patrick Leahy (Won)

U.S. House of Representatives

Peter Welch (Won)

Statewide Races


Sue Minter (Lost)

Lieutenant Governor

David Zuckerman (Won)

State Treasurer 

Beth Pearce (Won)

Attorney General

TJ Donovan (Won)

Secretary of State

Jim Condos (Won)


Doug Hoffer (Won)


Vermont Senate Races



Brian Campion (Won)
Richard Sears (Won)



Jane Kitchel (Won)



Tim Ashe (Won)
Philip Baruth
Debbie Ingram (Won)
Virginia “Ginny” Lyons (Won)
Christopher A. Pearson
Michael Sirotkin (Won)



Sara Branon Kittell (Lost)
Denise Smith (Lost)


George Gay (Lost)



Mark MacDonald (Won)



Kevin Mullin (Won)



Francis K. Brooks (Won)
Ann Cummings (Won)
Anthony Pollina (Won)



Becca Ballint (Won)
Jeanette White (Won)



Allison Clarkson
Richard “Dick” McCormack
Alice W. Nitka (Won)


Vermont House Races


Addison 1

Jill Charbonneau
Amy Sheldon (Won)


Addison 3

Fritz Langrock (Lost)
Diane Lanpher (Won)


Addison 4

Mari Cordes (Lost)
Dave Sharpe (Won)


Bennington 1

Bill Botzow (Won)


Bennington 2-1

Rachael Fields (Won)


Bennington 3

Alice Miller (Won)


Caledonia 2

Chip Troiano (Won)



Kitty Toll (Won)


Chittenden 2

Terry Macaig (Won)
Jim McCullough (Won)


Chittenden 4-1

Mike Yantachka (Won)


Chittenden 6-1

Joanna Cole (Lost)


Chittenden 6-2

Jean O’Sullivan (Won)


Chittenden 6-3

Jill Krowinski (Won)
Curt McCormack (Won)


Chittenden 6-4

Selene Colburn (Won)


Chittenden 6-5

Joanna Leddy Donovan (Won)
Mary Sullivan (Won)


Chittenden 6-6

Barbara Rachelson (Won)


Chittenden 6-7

Diana Gonzalez (Won)
Robert Millar (Lost)


Chittenden 7-2

Ann Pugh (Won)


Chittenden 7-3

Helen Head (Won)


Chittenden 8-2

Dylan Giambatista (Won)


Chittenden 9-1

Curt Taylor (Won)


Franklin 1

Caroline Bright (Lost)


Franklin 3-1

Kathleen Keenan (Won)
Mike McCarthy (Lost)


Franklin 7

Cindy Weed (Won)*
*November 16, 2016: Larry Fiske has asked for a recouont. Cindy won by 15 votes.


Grand Isle-Chittenden

Mitzi Johnson (Won)
Ben Joseph (Won)



Avram Patt (Lost)


Lamoille 2

Matt Hill (Won)


Orange 1

Susan Hatch Davis (Lost)*
*November 16, 2016: Possible recount. Susan lost by 8 votes.



Patsy French (Lost)
Jay Hooper (Won)



Katherine Sims (Lost)


Rutland 5-3

Mary Howard (Won)



Robin Chestnut-Tangerman (Won)


Washington 1

Jeremy Hansen (Lost)


Washington 2

Francis “Topper” McFaun (Won)
Dottye Ricks (Lost)


Washington 3

Paul Poirier (Won)
Tommy Walz (Won)


Washington 4

Mary Hooper (Won)


Washington 5

Carl Etnier (Lost)
Kimberly Jessup (Won)

Washington 6

Janet Ancel (Won)



Tom Stevens (Won)


Windham 2-2

Mollie Burke (Won)


Windham 4

David Deen (Won)
Mike Mrowicki (Won)


Windsor 3-2

Alice Emmons (Won)
Bob Forguites (Won)


Windsor 4-1

Susan Buckholz (Won)

Windsor 4-2

Gabrielle Lucke (Won)



Tim Briglin (Won)
Jim Masland (Won)



Sandy Haas (Won)





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